Friday, 17 June 2011

Turkish Delight

So here is the finished recording for the studio project.

Turkish Delight (Produced by Sam Hiscox) by DJImba

The recording consists of 6 audio tracks. The first two contain the drums, recorded with two AKGs on each side of the kit, making a stereo recording. These two tracks were then panned L and R appropriately in Logic. 

The next two tracks were the piano, and I put two SM57s inside the piano, both on either side. This stereo recording was then panned L and R again in Logic. 

The fifth track was the acoustic guitar, recorded with the Rode vocal mic. The bass was then recorded directly into the mixing desk and straight into logic on the sixth channel.

The drums and piano were recorded in the same room, whilst the acoustic guitar was recorded in the vocal room, with the guitarist wearing a pair of headphones with channels 1 & 2 (the drums) being sent down an auxiliary channel so he can keep in time. The bass guitar was then over-dubbed on top after the recording, by plugging it straight into the mixing desk and playing along to the recording. 

 (Excuse the missing cables on the microphones, this picture was taken as the microphones were being taken down)